Occupational Therapy Practice

Dale Ellenberg has been practicing the art and science of occupational therapy for over 30 years, working in private practice, hospitals, clinics, the work place, schools and homes.


Employed in home health over the past five years, Dale has incorporated an advanced certification in Interactive Metronome® in her therapeutic practice. (IM) integrates the benefits of improved motor planning, balance, coordination, cognitive endurance, and athletic/musical fine tuning for people of all ages. The IM modality offers sustained brain changes to augment function and quality of life. This enables people to achieve the capacity to live life to the fullest, promoting optimum health, preventing injury, and adapting to illness and disability.


Dale applies a holistic approach in her Occupational Therapy practice, coupled with a keen awareness of sensory processing theory. She is certified in sensory integration intervention and administration of the Sensory Integration Praxis Test (SIPT). Her success is in helping people learn adaptive skills and behaviors that assist in improving their lives. 

"We were so fortunate to have Dale as our daughter’s occupational therapist during the critical “early intervention” (preschool) period for autism spectrum disorder. Dale took a holistic approach, working with our daughter and with us, the parents, to not only target the sensory and motor skill issues, but also to incorporate social, behavioral, and other vital aspects of our lives into each session. She treated our daughter as an individual, and tailored the activities for our sessions to her unique interests and needs. Our daughter is now a thriving middle-schooler, and we remain eternally grateful for Dale." ~ Michelle Q.