Dale was the sole proprietor of Chestnut Hill Occupational Therapy private practice from 2007 to 2013, specializing in advocacy, sensory processing, and learning disabilities for children and adolescents, providing coaching and counseling for families. Her practice included home-based visits for observation and additional training.


This led to Dale developing virtual telehealth practices for school-based populations that put her on the cutting edge of program implementation in Charter Schools across the county. She was a licensed practitioner in eight states and specifically addressed children who were on the autism spectrum. Dale worked closely with family members who were the student’s coaches, as well as their Charter School Special Education teams. 


Pursuing her specialization in working with clients in their home environments, Dale thrives on working closely with people and their caregivers to provide habilitation and rehabilitation strategies to achieve full potential and quality of life, following injuries and illnesses.


Dale's patient and holistic approach in using therapeutic use-of-self provides engagement, connection and successful outcomes to her clients.

Dale Ellenberg's advanced certification in Interactive Metronome, offers the benefits of improved motor planning, balance, coordination, cognitive endurance, and athletic and musical fine tuning across the life span. This modality offers sustained brain changes to augment function and quality of life. Using Interactive Metronome in her Occupational Therapy Practice enables people of all ages to achieve the ability to live life to the fullest, promoting health, preventing injury, and adapting to illness or disability.

"I am a 76 year old woman recovering from a broken right shoulder.  I worked with Dale Ellenberg for occupational therapy for the last 2 months, and found her to be very competent, professional and reliable. She is quite caring and personable as well.  My husband, a licensed psychologist, and I would recommend her without reservation." ~ Barbara Marks, Edward S. Marks, Ph.D.